It’s only a goodbye

29 avr

The end of the semester is here, the plane ticket is taken, the end-of-year parties are approaching and the countdown has begun. It is therefore time for this last article to take stock of this experience by focusing on the communication side. So let’s start by thinking about what this semester has brought me in […]

Urbex in Budapest

29 avr

This last week was for me the opprtunity to discover a new practice that I did not know, the urbex. Urban exploration, abbreviated urbex (English urban exploration), is an activity consisting of visiting places built by man, abandoned or not, generally prohibited, or at least hidden or difficult to access. The urban explorer is also […]

Meeting with Hungarians

23 avr

Indeed, last week , on friday afternoon, we had a class where can met hungarians student. These ones were studying in international business. So this afternoon was the opportunity to discuss about our common points and differences between each one culture and that is what we did. We can split this discussion in 3 parts, […]

Life in flatsharing

15 avr

It makes now 4 months I am in my appartment with my 4 flatmates and ii think that i can give some tips and build a kind of a model of cmmunication. So  i will tell you some rules about the life in flatsharing. 1. Make sure you let your flatmates know before you have […]

3 different models

3 avr

I told you that i was to Slovenia last week, now i am in Croatia, in Zagreb. And to travel around three different country (Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia) and cultures in one 10 days make me realize the diffrences between those towns. So let’s talk about the 3 diffrent types of verbal and non verbal […]

After effort comes comfort

26 mar

I said in my first article that erasmus is good for experiences right ? I think that i really understood what it means during this week-end. First let’s put the context. Thursday we finished the mid-term exams (by a little deception sadly…) so as not to stay on a defeat we decided with a friend […]


17 mar

Last week i talked about how i put some of my frnech habitsin my budapest’s life. This week i had to take back my work habits. Indeed, we have the mid-term exams which begins nextmonday. This transition is a bit hard to d because until this week i was not in holidays but i was […]

Back to basics

11 mar

This week’s article is going to be a little sadder than the previous ones but no less interesting I promise. So last week my girlfriend left after a very pleasant week and for the first time I felt a little nostalgia for my pre-budapest situation. It was at the moment of his departure that I […]

From Budapest with love

3 mar

Hello, as I said at the end of my article last week I passed the latter with girlfriend. And I thought it was interesting to talk about my change of status in this city during this week. Let me explain. Before this week I was a new in the city, a tourist in the eyes […]

From Budapest with humor

3 mar

   Last week we had a class of cross-cultural communication and i saw something which was and which is really interesting to me. I am going to tell you about the theory of the stages of culture shock in real life. Especially the passage between the hostility and the humor stage.     I wanted to […]


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